Case study

The brief was to come up with an idea routed in music that would deliver huge global impact for the brand, raising the profile of Bacardi and forcing massive reappraisal of the brand. The idea needed to be bold, brave and disruptive. Smashing creative boundaries and defying consumer expectations to create a truly global talking point.

We created The Bacardi Triangle – a stunning island in the Bermuda triangle transformed into a three-day brand owned music festival with three of the world’s biggest artists. Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar and Ellie Goulding worked closely with us, each hosting planes of fans and press from all over the world, connecting with their fan base delivering unprecedented reach and engagement.

Bacardi Triangle reached over 58 million people globally through broadcast, word of mouth, advocacy and content without relying on paid-for media.

“Bacardi Triangle has proved that they know how to carve out a unique place in the music marketplace, and make a lot of the right noise in the they'll manage to top this is a greater mystery than the Bermuda Triangle itself”

Digital Spy

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