Festival No.6


Case study

We have challenged the notions of a traditional music festival by creating Festival No.6, a beautifully curated event in the iconic private village of Portmeirion, Wales; home to the 60’s science fiction show The Prisoner.

Braodwick Live has positioned No.6 as the destination choice for those looking for a more refined music, arts, culture and food offering. We bring together iconic headliners that have included the likes of New Order andThe Pet Shop Boys to the newest breaking talent, authors, poets, filmmakers, artists and michelin star chefs to create a unique and inspirational programme.

"The most surrealist, funkiest freakiest and best festival in the world, a highlight of my career to perform here"


Described by the Guardian as the most sophisticated in Europe, Festival No.6 profile continues to grow achieving an unprecedented amount of press, media and broadcast attention for a festival of its size. We feel Grammy award winner and No.6 headliner Beck summarised the event best when he declared “This is the coolest, most surrealist, funkiest, freakiest, best festival in the world…” 


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